A certain kind of Neuer-osis

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It should be an inviolable fact of football that the one colour a goalkeeper never wears is that of his team’s home kit.

If teams only changed when they clashed with their opponents or didn’t have special cup kits in traditional problems, it wouldn’t be a problem, but it’s something which is becoming more prevalent of late.

We’ve already cited David Seaman wearing red for Arsenal in 1992, while Paddy Kenny took advantage of Leeds wearing blue at Millwall (itself a two-fingers to the navy-clad Lions) to don a white top. On the continent, noted philistine Emiliano Viviano of Sampdoria and Marseille’s Steve Mandanda are noted proponents, along with another serial practitioner.

Bayern Munich have had red goalkeeper shirts in the past, such as in the late 1990s when their home jersey was navy , but they have become very common during Manuel Neuer’s tenure between the sticks at the Allianz Arena. When he joined in 2011, it took a while for the Bayern support to take to him as he had come from their hated rivals Schalke 04 and had imitated a famous Oliver Kahn celebration while there, so perhaps it’s part of a desire to show that he is one of them. Whatever the reason, he has worn red in each of the past four seasons.


Bayern played: 
Borussia Mönchengladbach away (all-white)
Bayern wore: All-black Champions League/third kit
Bearing similarities to the ‘classic’ Bayern style, which was resurrected as Champions League kit in 2000-01, this featured gold adidas stripes, allowing it to be worn with the home shorts and socks.


Bayern played: 
Manchester City at home (all-white)
Bayern wore: Three-tone blue Champions League/third kit
Bayern like to wear non-red kits in the Champions League group stages, but generally revert for the knockout stages. While the previous season’s red GK shirt was a unique design, this was in the same design as Neuer’s first choice and again matched with the regular outfield shorts and socks.


Bayern played: 
Shakhtar Donetsk away (orange and black stripes)
Bayern wore: All-white away kit
A very interesting design, essentially following that of the new black Champions League/third kit with the colours reversed. Also of interest is the fact that Neuer seemingly dispensed with socks for the game, wearing tights over his shinpads. Bayern’s home kit in 14-15 i have blue stripes but red was still the dominant colour.


Bayern played: 
Wolfsburg away (white shirts, green short)
Bayern wore: All-navy third kit
This season, Bayern wore their home kit in all of their home Champions League games, so options for Neuer to appear in red have been limited, despite the fact that this is marketed as the away GK shirt, following the template used by almost all other adidas teams. The game at Wolfsburg in February saw it used.

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