Serie A 1990-91, Part 4

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The late 1980s and early 90s didn’t provide much league success for Juventus – they went without a Scudetto between 1986 and ’95 – but there was at least the consolation of looking great.

Juve won the Coppa Italia in 1990 and so they carried la coccarda – a tricolour roundel – on the left breast of their shirts, under the two gold stars for winning more than 20 league titles, an honour afforded only to them. The kits were simple and beautiful, with the away shirt effectively what the home would look like without the white stripes (and collar).

The 90-91 season was the last BG (Before Gazza) for Lazio. Though the main colour and design was the same as Manchester City’s at the time, the whole kit looked far smarter, perhaps because of the white collar and socks, while Banca Risparmio Roma wasn’t as obtrusive a sponsor as Brother. The away had a Leeds-esque feel to it.

Lazio were rare in that their away kit wasn’t white (excluding the likes of Bari, Cesena and Juventus, who had predominantly white home), with relegated Lecce another example of this. Outfitted in adidas, their home didn’t seem to follow any common template while the away was in a more popular style. The fact that no other side had a yellow home shirt allowed them to use such a change kit.

You’ve already seen Napoli’s kits for the season explored in great detail – if not, then go here – but for completeness’ sake, here are the home and away.

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