8 thoughts on “Season’s Meetings, no. 1 – Sheffield Wednesday and Wimbledon, 1993-94

  1. Was very annoying back then for me as a Wednesday fan and collector of all their shirts back then as neither the yellow shirt and white shirt went on general sale!!

  2. the official EPL sticker album by Panini from that year lists white with black shorts as the dons primary away kit if that helps

  3. and as a fan ….if i remember correctly …for Wednesday the yellow was the third kit with its own dedicated pair of shorts (that could be used with the black and gold but i dont think ever was)

    as the white was actually technically a mash up (using the third shorts vs Newcastle and the Away ones vs The Dons)

    neither kits had their own dedicated socks though, both using the away ones

    this is all just from memory however, i could be wrong of course but thats my take

  4. I seem to remember that Wednesday played in Bolton’s third shirt when they played in the league cup. It was a yellow top. The reason why was the clash with the black referee top. Wednesday bought their black away kit without realising the Football League referees still wore black.

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