Fantasy Kit Friday, 12-1-18 – Celtic in Matchwinner, 1992

Of all of those who make Fantasy Kit Friday suggestions, Matthew Lysaght is the most challenging.

Ireland in Asics, AC Milan in Pony and Bayern Munich in Ribero are just some of his requests and he kept the early/mid-90s flavour going with his most daring call yet.

I’ll be honest, it filled me with trepidation. Back in 2001, Celtic fans were up in arms when the hoops didn’t go all the way round on their new shirt – and this was at a time when protesting still needed some effort rather than just complaining on social media.

The most acceptable back-story I can come up with is that, as 1992 was the 25th anniversary of Celtic becoming the first English or Scottish club winning the European Cup.

That team, with all of its players from Glasgow and its surrounds, became known as the Lisbon Lions. In this parallel universe where the Bhoys had their kits made by Matchwinner, the home kit was still hoops that went all the way round – something like Shamrock Rovers’ – but a special edition shirt to commemorate the European win was commissioned.

Except the designer got mixed up and thought they were called the Lisbon Tigers.




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  1. Gregor

    Maybe it’s just my eyes, but the peoples text on that seems a lot more red than the orage it was back in the day. I remember the outcry of orange and blue being on the beloved (and unbroken) hoops back then


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