12 thoughts on “The evolution of adidas goalkeeper shirts – Part 10

  1. I remember that the Predator design was worn by the Major League Soccer clubs in 1996 (DC United and Kansas City Wiz)
    The Design with the diamond stripes i am not sure of which team wore it, but there was also a version with the sky blue stripes

  2. Additionally, I always felt the purple/green jersey for Newcastle in 95/96 was a bad fit alongside the away kit, as it was maroon/navy. From a distance or in poor light it would make it harder to distinguish from the back, particularly when Shaka Hislop played in goal as he preferred to wear the outfield shorts and socks.

    Having said that, on the opening day of the 95/96 season Hislop wore the sky blue/grey jersey………… against Coventry. Definitely a glaring error by the kitman (and indeed the referee not following the rule book) that day!

  3. Love this Adidas GK series as I’m a fan myself.

    1996 was kinda special to my memory as I really like what Adidas offered. I was fortunate to have the Newcastle Skyline shirt. I was seriously hunting the Köpke’s sky blue shirt but ended up with 1.FC Nurnberg’s one. Ironically it’s Köpke’s club too (but not during Euro 96)

    The white Rangers/Crystal Palace remains elusive to me 😉

    Cheers everyone

  4. I was a big fan of the Köpke’s sky blue shirt. When news emerged that England were to wear their away blue for the semi I was looking forward to see Köpke’s alternative shirt.

    Yes it was changed after the anthem, but I reckoned it was more to the clash with the referee’s shirt? Just my thoughts


  5. The terminator shirt worn by Pablo Cavallero criminally underrated, especially when worn with matching shorts

  6. I was looking to some catalogues and i noticed that the jerseys worn by Kopke were known as Adidas Forza, while the one with the goalnet design worn by Cork City was known as Adidas Rocks and the the one with the ribcage design was known as Adidas Terminator. Not sure if the one worn by France, Turkey and Romania was the Adidas Santiago (but i know it was more similar to the outfield jerseys).

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