4 thoughts on “2018 World Cup kit-tracker

  1. Yeah a reverse of the result (if not the margin of victory) in terms of the respective kits today I thought. A win for Nike and a loss for Adidas, by their relative standards at least (so is that actually a draw then??).

    Just thought the Russian top looked really cheap – for Adidas, my fav brand – while Nike, a brand I usually think looks cheap – their kits often too fussy – had a win today with a nice deep, matt green. Simple elegance.

    The Russia socks were nice but the retro shirt thing rarely works for me. And while it was a nice reminder of the old CCCP red (Which, in itself, wasn’t so much of a nice reminder of a murderous regime), that gloriously imperial Russia badge is far more suited to that deeper, glossier red which looks like their tops are soaked in the blood of the Romanovs.

  2. … soaked in the blood of the Romanovs.

    Just in case you didn’t catch that first time.

    The Romanovs.

    Their blood.

    Soaked in it.

    A football top.


  3. It’s not that odd – the USSR actually won those Olympics, beating Brazil in the final. The last hurrah of a great football team. Makes sense that they’d want to remind people of those glory times.

  4. I much preferred the Russia shirt for the Confederations cup – the white detailing on this one looks a bit too much like Teamwear.

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