Meyba’s Barcelona kits – examined by us here – were a monument to durability, so much so that when a kit aficionado hears the name of the Spanish kit-maker, it’s impossible not to think of the Catalan club.

Their reach wasn’t huge and they obviously never made it as far as producing strips for an English team, but Dave James raised the question:

With the suggestion of three change kits, we decided to mirror Liverpool’s 1985 and 1987 sets, as well as adding home shirts – changes to crest and sponsor aid differentiation, while we brought forward Meyba’s fabric developments by a couple of years too.

When Liverpool partnered with adidas in 1985, three kits were available to buy, with white and yellow change options, so we’ve Meyba-fied that set (you may have to swipe, depending on your device):

Then, in 1987, the Liverbird had a shield added around it, while a year later, Candy would replace Crown Paints.

In addition, grey replaced yellow as a trim and change kit colour.