4 thoughts on “Great one-offs – Newcastle United, 1999 and 2007

  1. Another ideal opportunity to use the white kit came at Sheffield Wednesday, who despite having white stripes, had a plain blue back on the shirt (note this was a few years before UEFA’s war on striped shirts)…… so the white kit would have provided enough contrast.

    However, for some odd reason, Newcastle decided to wear the home shirt, with white change shorts. Terrible clash in my opinion……


    For the record… in the return fixture at Newcastle, Wednesday wore their amber away kit, and got thumped 8-0.

    The 07/08 third shirt was as superfluous as it got….

    And as for the 10/11 third shirt, even that wouldn’t have resolved many kit clashing issues either…. in fact when Newcastle played a pre-season friendly in this kit against Deportivo La Coruña there was a really bad clash (given Depor’s kit that season was mainly white with narrow blue stripes).

  2. Newcastle vs Wednesday has always been one of those odd fixtures where its been unsure what kits will be worn (fairly sure their is a post about it somewhere), especially after we made our primary shorts black in the late 90s (had previously been blue for a few years)

    but just an FYI, the trim on that first Newcastle away kit from 2000 was more of a Teal colour than the bright green you have illustrated …at least in my opinion

    tit for tat i know, but i dont ever remember it being that bright is my point, on the EPL 2000 sticker album it looks more blue than green

  3. Good article. It all comes down to the old question ‘what constitutes a clash?’

    If Newcastle at Spurs in August 99 is not a clash then Newcastle just need white away shirts. If it is a clash then they need a colour.

    I like the idea of black but if the Newcastle Spurs games is a clash then black would be no good at Notts Co in the cup for example. Would a white kit with black/white shorts/socks be ok in that one?

    Historically Newcastle’s kits rarely changed pre Premier League. Aside from the silver kit in the mid 80s they had royal blue from 67 to 1980! And yellow and green overlapped from 1973 right through to 1993 (aside from the few years in grey)!

    Do perhaps Newcastle should always have a royal blue lit and a yellow and green one?

    I just wish they had a ‘go to’ kit like AC Milan and Arsenal do. Many fans like the maroon and blue hoops but that was first worn in 95/96 so its hardly traditional.

    As for the shirts in the article, the 99 white one was mint!

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