Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea in adidas, 1994

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We must admit that we weren’t exactly sure what Chaz_CFC meant when he asked for a Chelsea version of the adidas mid-90s ‘poncho’ design, but then it became clear:

We were happy to oblige, though perhaps some Chelsea fans – unaware of the large part red has played in their history – may not approve.


Chaz didn’t ask for an away, but we couldn’t resist reworking the infamous graphite and tangerine strip in the style of the Republic of Ireland 1994 away.


Views – good and bad – are always welcome.


4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Chelsea in adidas, 1994

  1. Nik Yeomans

    The tangerine and graphite is a triumph, much better than the umbro original effort, however the home version is…. uuuuuurgh… and I like Chelsea’s red kits! Never a fan of the German version to be honest.

    1. Nik Yeomans

      Put the sock turnovers through 90 degrees and run them down the side of the shorts. That would complete the job nicely. Shame Chelsea have switched to Nike, I would have pushed for this one to be released.


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