4 thoughts on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Bulgaria Nike 1994

  1. Its quite good this design. Obviusly its the best Nike template of their history. I I could imagine my beloved hristo lethkov penev and so on with this shirt.

    What should be the away shirt?

    By the way I think it was the best Adidas world cup generraly speaking as they had different styles, spain bulgaria Germany and Argentina to name a few were superb shirts.

  2. just few remarks:

    The shorts are based on the Arsenal one.

    But other teams using this jersey template (PSG, Dortmund, Oympique Lyonnais, Nigeria) had shorts with stars on side stripes.

    Otherwise, detail, at the start of the 1994-95 season, the catalogue socks had the Nike logo on the top between stripes. But teams like PSG or OL changed during the season (and came back to the previous design), probably, I guess, because the logo was hard to see on this part.

    Anyway, like always, it’s a pleasure to see FKF designs!

  3. With the home and away kits swapped around they’d have been an ideal “what if” had Wales switched to Nike in 1994.

  4. What if the national team of my country (Venezuela) had stayed with Adidas? I don’t mean the recent contract with Givova, but the period between 1992 and 2004, when La Vinotinto wore other brands. These are the ideas:

    -HOME: Something similar to the kits used by Sweden or U.S.A.
    -AWAY: Something like Spain, France or the C.I.S.

    -HOME: Like Romania or Bulgaria.
    -AWAY: Like Spain.

    -HOME: Like Hungary.
    -AWAY: Like Sweden, Turkey or Romania.

    -HOME: Like Romania or Yugoslavia.
    -AWAY: Like Yugoslavia’s Away kit.

    -HOME: Like Germany.
    -AWAY: Like Real Madrid.

    -HOME: Generic 2002 Adidas template.
    -AWAY: Like Turkey’s Away kit.

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