Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 11

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Things to note from the most recent round of Premier League games:

  • Manchester United wore alternative shorts with their sand-coloured change shirt. While the first-choice home shorts and alternative shorts are white, these were slightly darker, much like the set used with the pink shirt last season.
  • Liverpool were in their white shirts again. While the default socks, with navy lower section, couldn’t have been used against Manchester United, they could have been worn at Aston Villa but instead the plain white socks were preferred.
  • Brighton & Hove Albion goalkeeper Mathew Ryan appeared in his black kit – a carry-over from last season – for the first time in 2019-20.
  • At the Etihad, both goalkeepers and the match officials appeared in varying shades of pink. A goalkeeper-clash is almost unheard-of in the Premier League now, but it also happened in the Chelsea-Sheffield United game earlier in the season.
    Manchester City’s other goalkeeper options are dark green and yellow, which would have clashed with Southampton’s change kit, while it appears that the Saints only have two GK kits, blue and pink. For the officials, black, blue and yellow were ruled out.
    Of course, this all could have been avoided if Southampton had worn alternative socks with their home shirts and shorts.
  • Newcastle United wore white socks at West Ham United. While they had gold Puma logos like last season’s home set – black logos are a no-no – they were not the same as the symbols appeared on the lower leg rather than the top of the socks.
  • Leicester wore their dark grey kit for the first time. Rather than classing their alternatives as away and third kit, on the club’s site they are referred to as the pink away and the grey away.


And Matt Smith has the updated Away Kits Table:

This week’s scores:
Manchester United 3
Wolves 3
Liverpool 3
Norwich 3
Southampton 0
Burnley 3
Newcastle 3
Chelsea 3
Leicester 3
Tottenham 3


Manchester United’s ability to conjure up a multitude of alternative shorts is quite remarkable. Despite obviously owning a white home set, a different version with matching trim for the away shirts were used at Bournemouth. They avoided a shorts-clash but didn’t look great.

Newcastle breaking out alternative white socks in the November gloom to add some contrast to the darkness of West Ham’s strip was a great idea. Top marks.

Southampton had no excuse bar for not wearing their home kit at the Etihad in the league cup. They had even less reason to make the same mistake again in the league game. For a start it meant getting the away kit washed and ready in a small time window. Deeply unfair.

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  1. Svyt

    Like you said in others post, if Southampton haven’t made the mistake to make navy in their third kit instead black, they could wear these black socks with their home kit.


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