Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 14

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Items of interest this week:

  • As they did at Anfield, Manchester City wore blue change socks despite the lack of a clash
  • Liverpool wore the solid red socks for the third home league game in a row – that would seem to indicate that they are now first-choice but the ‘dressage’ socks were used against Napoli last week
  • Aston Villa mixed their home socks with away shirts and shorts at Old Trafford


And as usual, here’s Matt Smith with the updated Away Kits Table:

This week’s scores:
GW14 resultsIt’s hard to fathom why Guardiola’s City made use of the alternative sky blue socks again at Newcastle. More dropped points may see them banished soon.

Some ridiculous choices this season were perhaps topped by Arsenal at Norwich, mainly because this is not something the Gunners have form for. The Ljungberg era gets off to a dubious start.

We know by now the Premier League allows shorts clashes, though that can’t excuse Palace not using their blue versions at Turf Moor. GW14

The decision was magnified by the amount of white on display and the use of the home socks which acknowledged a problem they didn’t fully solve.

Starting to give up hope that the mixing and matching Sheffield United do with their away shirt will ever be duplicated with the home stripes. They could, but they don’t.


1 comment on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 14

  1. Svyt

    Palace should’ve worn black.

    Like i’d have made wearing for away teams :

    Man City : OK (even no need to change socks, sky blue socks is still good for them)
    C. Palace : black away kit
    West Ham : OK
    Brighton : OK
    Bournemouth : OK
    Watford : home kit
    Arsenal : home kit
    Sheffield Utd : home kit (at least shirt)
    Everton : OK
    Aston Villa : OK


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