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  1. And yet, if you ask any of us Saints fans, we’d happily just have a yellow away kit which would mean no requirement for an away or third shirt (unless we unexpectedly played Partick Thistle, Mechelen or Melchester Rovers)and remove any need for an emergency fourth kits. It’s simple really!! But then again, when have fans ever been consulted on these things.

  2. @David,

    As a Saints fan who is overly keen on colours fitting together nicely, I’d really like it if we had a yellow kit that worked with elements of the home kit. So rather than have the ‘1976’ yellow and blue, we’d have yellow with red, white or black trim. Yeah, it would be a little bit Watford, but I think it would look good.

    In fact, MoJ, is there any chance of a FKF with any of Southampton’s previous yellow away kits with trim recoloured to fit the home colours? Perhaps the 2018/19 season’s?

  3. Saints have had a few special 3rd shirts over the years. The first was an all red version of the home kit, around 1984. This was produced for a televised cup game at Blackburn. It may have also been worn at Sheff Weds? (confirmation needed).
    Between 87-89 they had a white Hummel kit that was worn away at Liverpool and possibly Man Utd? (Confirmation needed). It was basically a white and black version of the kit worn by Real Madrid at the time.
    Another Hummel 3rd kit was worn between 89 & ’91. The yellow shirt had a white and green trim and was worn with black shorts and white or black socks. This kit was definitely worn at Luton Town, Spurs and QPR.
    The all red Patrick shirt and the two Hummel 3rd kits were available to the public.
    A trip to Newcastle in the 2014-15 season posed a problem. The striped home shirt and Navy away shirt were both deemed to be unsuitable, so a one-off yellow shirt was produced. Again, this was never made available for the public to buy, although some of the shirts were auctioned to raise money for charity.

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