Another Southampton emergency

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On the surface, Southampton’s three kit options for 2019-20 look to be fairly okay (apart from the odd choice to have navy rather than black on the third strip, which mitigates against mixing and matching):

Southampton-2019-2020-Under-Armour-fourth-NewcastleHowever, for Sunday’s trip to face Newcastle United, the Saints have been asked by the Premier League to come up with a fourth option as it was felt that all three shirts would clash with the Toon.

As a result, they will take to the field in last season’s two-tone red third shirt but with the LD Sports logo rather than that of Virgin Media on the chest – we’re assuming that the current home shorts and socks will be used.

It’s the second time this season that a side have been asked by the league to resurrect an old shirt, with Everton wearing their 2018-19 third on the opening day at Crystal Palace as none of their new kits were considered satisfactory. As it happens, they are still waiting to premiere their 2019-20 third in the league.

Emergency kits are nothing new for Southampton, though. In both 2016-17 and 2017-18, they had dark change strips which were considered unsuitable for games at Bournemouth and so in each campaign they wore plain white shirts with red shorts, 16-17 on the left below and 17-18 on the right. The former was later worn in the Carabao Cup final against Manchester United.

Then, just like now, later in 2017-18 they found themselves in a pickle for the game at Newcastle. However, the solution was an elegant one – rather than producing another brand-new shirt, instead the home was modified in that a version with a solid red back was used, along with red shorts and socks:

Unfortunately for them, that game resulted in 3-0 loss to Newcastle – they will hpoe for better in their old shirts this time around.

2 comments on “Another Southampton emergency

  1. David Breach

    And yet, if you ask any of us Saints fans, we’d happily just have a yellow away kit which would mean no requirement for an away or third shirt (unless we unexpectedly played Partick Thistle, Mechelen or Melchester Rovers)and remove any need for an emergency fourth kits. It’s simple really!! But then again, when have fans ever been consulted on these things.

  2. Jonathan B


    As a Saints fan who is overly keen on colours fitting together nicely, I’d really like it if we had a yellow kit that worked with elements of the home kit. So rather than have the ‘1976’ yellow and blue, we’d have yellow with red, white or black trim. Yeah, it would be a little bit Watford, but I think it would look good.

    In fact, MoJ, is there any chance of a FKF with any of Southampton’s previous yellow away kits with trim recoloured to fit the home colours? Perhaps the 2018/19 season’s?


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