Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 15

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  • West Ham United changed shorts and socks at Wolves, but rather than using the white away sets to create a traditional West Ham look, they instead used sky blue
  • Once again, Liverpool wore their solid red socks at home, however Everton changed from their usual white socks to blue
  • Newcastle United appeared in their dark green away kit for the first time. Goalkeeper Martin Dubravka also wore green, though in a much lighter shade

The regularity of Arsenal’s use of change kits away from home can be summed up by the fact that, despite their poor form, this was their first league defeat in their home strip


GW15And here is Matt Smith and the Away Kits Table:

Bournemouth 3
Man City 3
Aston Villa 3
Watford 3
Tottenham 3
Norwich 0
West Ham 1
Everton 1
Newcastle 3
Brighton 0

Norwich are really becoming a problem. Creating a shorts clash as well as dumping yellow and green at Southampton? So poor.

Really liked West Ham’s decision to change shorts and socks to try and provide a lighter contrast at Molinuex, but why not the white away versions?! Instead of wearing what would be a traditional Hammers kit they found some sky blue alternatives. Mystifying.

Everton swapped to blue socks to presumably avoid doubts with Liverpool’s half-and-half versions. Yet again though, the Reds wore total red; away sides should check beforehand.

Brighton have worn last season’s blue socks with their home kit previously this campaign. There was no reason not to do the same again at Arsenal

2 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 15

  1. Svyt

    What i’d have made wearing for away teams :

    Bournemouth : OK
    Man City : OK
    Aston Villa : OK (or maybe change socks to away claret, because their sky blue vs white are very close)
    Watford : OK
    Tottenham : OK
    Norwich : No comment… home of course !
    West Ham : OK (even some people were disapointed to no see white short ans socks, sky blues look good)
    Everton : Default white socks
    Newcastle : OK
    Brighton : OK (or maybe home kit if they had blue change socks)

  2. Svyt

    Just to add : Brighton could wear home kit and last season’s blue socks like they’ve done at Aston Villa


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