Premier League kit-tracker – gameweek 16

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Notable kit happenings from last week:

  • Chelsea wore their black third kit for the first time in the league as they lost to Everton. To match it, goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga wore a version of his mint green kit that the older Nike logo
  • Manchester United wore black shorts with the home shirt for the first time, earning a win in the Manchester derby. They had previously been used with white socks in Europe
  • Southampton were forced to use last season’s third shirt as an impromptu fourth at Newcastle
  • Wolves wore their change kit in its default format for the first time in the league


As usual, Matt Smith has the updated Away Kits Table:


This week’s scores:
Chelsea 3
Liverpool 3
Burnley 3
Crystal Palace 0
Manchester United 3
Leicester 3
Southampton 1
Sheffield United 0
Wolverhampton 0
Arsenal 3

Southampton should be applauded for using last season’s third shirt rather than coming up with a new fourth version for the trip to Newcastle. They lose points though for not having an option that wouldn’t clash in the first place. Choices made in the past should take opponents into account. And they didn’t wear last year’s alternative red shorts.

Palace love their excellent third kit, maybe a bit too much. Could and should have been back in red and blue.

Wolves were clearly having a laugh when choosing their away strip this season – a spectacularly unnecessary, if somewhat interesting, strip which looks like a mash-up. Meanwhile, Sheffield United continue to Sheffield United the hell out of wearing their proper colours.

1 comment on “Premier League kit-tracker – gameweek 16

  1. Quentin Benetti

    The Crystal Palace white kit can possibly be explained by the fact that had they worn their blue and red shirt, then the officials wouldn’t have had a non-distinguishable colour to wear (with yellow and black already gone because of Watford’s strip).


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