7 thoughts on “Templates of Worship, no. 2 – Admiral ‘tramlines’

  1. Denis

    This template would warrant a fantasy Friday feature, maybe Leeds or Spurs European home and away.

  2. I long assumed that the logo in the Belgium tramlines was the FA’s or at least, the crown. It’s kinda shameful for a national team to become such a billboard for a company. Kappa did somethign similar with their logo. At least the Hummel chevrons and Adidas/O’Neill’s’ stripes can be “hidden” as an element of design by virtue of being simpler shapes

  3. Are you aware of any recorded instances of any of these clubs/countries (e.g. Dundee, Tulsa etc) wearing home shirts with away shorts, creating an inversion effect?

  4. Hi Denis, Montserrat had the tramlines against Bhutan in The Other Final, that match pitting the two lowest-ranked teams against each other in 2002. It was played on the same day as the World Cup Final in which Brazil beat Germany.

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