Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 22

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  • A pleasing instance of both goalkeepers wearing green in the Crystal Palace-Arsenal game
  • In gameweek 10, the Premier League asked Bournemouth to wear white shorts and socks at Watford to aid differentiation but for the game at the Vitality Stadium the Hornets were allowed to wear their first-choice kit
  • Once again, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson wore his pink and blue kit against a side in claret and blue


And, as usual, Matt Smith has the updated Away Kits Table:


West Ham 3
Arsenal 3
Burnley 3
Brighton 3
Southampton 0
Norwich 3
Newcastle 1
Liverpool 3
Watford 1
Manchester City 3

The amount of black on Watford’s shirt may have been an issue, but it can be overlooked as the yellow is so vibrant and on the entirety of the back. However, the shorts could have been changed if they had some red alternatives. But we’ve been here before.

Southampton will feel justified in ignoring their usual colours worn when they’d shipped nine against Leicester at St Mary’s, it’s still not acceptable.

Remember when Newcastle had alternative white shorts and socks to wear with their home shirt? They’re now of the opinion only 50% of this arrangement is required.

7 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 22

    1. denishurley Post author

      Sorry David, my fault, they’ve been added to the table though! Will sort out when I’m back on the laptop later

    1. denishurley Post author

      Hi Charlie, just because the apparent need for keepers not to clash only came in a decade or so ago – even though I’m not aware of a single instance of it causing confusion before then!

  1. Disco david 26

    Think a ref-keeper clash is far bigger problem as a TV viewer then a keeper 2 keeper clash but I can understand at the pro level when there are multiple kits just laying around why they try and avoid them and get some 2nd and 3rd kits some game time!

    1. denishurley Post author

      Yeah, keeper/ref definitely more potential for confusion but it routinely happens in about half of the PL games each weekend, even when it could be avoided.


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