3 thoughts on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 24

  1. Maybe it’s me being a Spurs fan who grew up in the 80s but I think Arsenal look so much better in red socks……if I was the Arsenal kit designer…………( it would take some money 💰!) I would go for home red socks but have a white alternate pair handy so maybe they could do what we and man united do in home European games only and wear an extra white garment (shorts in Spurs case socks in their cases) maybe it’s just my rival perspective as I think Spurs are equally comfortable in navy or white socks while in navy shorts and in all white in European nights. Is this just me?

    1. “what we and man united do” HAHA man nobody associates changing the shorts in Europe with Spurs. That is a Manchester United thing through and through

  2. Ok think I could of finished the last post better by ” is this just me” I’ve maybe be better by taken an poll vote among all fans instead and said “your the Arsenal home kit designer for next season” (the shirt and shorts basically design themselves and other then specific cercimstances E.g the last season at Highbury when they went “red current ” but that doesn’t apply now ) so I would think 100% of us would design an red shirt with white selves and white shorts but what do you do with the socks?
    Choice 1. All white socks
    (the current for 90% of seasons since A.W became manager in the mid 90s with red socks as backup for away London derbys)
    Choice 2. All red socks
    ( turn over maybe white or red but your right an mainly red sock looks better for Arsenal )
    Choice 3. Red and white hooped socks
    ( think Arsenals 1st Nike kit in the 90s and/or Herbert chapmen era only possible problem is you may need all red and white sock back ups )
    Choice 4. Competition specific socks
    e.g red socks for the league white socks for European nights

    the fa cup and league cup could go either way both white means white pair are “cup” socks both red means white pair are “European” socks or red fa cup white league cup means white pair are “floodlight competition ” socks ……
    So poll what choice do you go with when you design the next Arsenal home kit? 1,2,3 or 4?

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