Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 25

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As well as the full programme of games over the weekend of February 1/2, there was one outstanding fixture made up last week as Liverpool travelled to West Ham United – a game postponed due to the Club World Cup.

The most notable thing from the weekend was the fact that Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea and his Wolves counterpart Rui Patricio were in the same green design.

With the visitors wearing their black change shirts rather than their old-gold home, de Gea couldn’t wear black or dark purple and so had to use green (though a yellow goalkeeper shirt was used by Sergio Romero in the Europa League). Similarly, Patricio was unable to use his black or salmon options, with green the only other one available.

It was the fourth time in the current Premier League season that two goalkeepers had worn similar colours, but the first where the styles were identical.

Elsewhere, Aston Villa wore their sky-blue home socks rather than the claret away set at Bournemouth, though the claret away shorts remained.



As always, Matt Smith has the Away Kits Table:

GW25This week’s scores:
Liverpool 3
Chelsea 3
Aston Villa 3
Sheffield United 3
Southampton 3
Norwich 0
Everton 3
Brighton 3
Wolves 0
Arsenal 3
Manchester City 1

Norwich are so hit-and-miss with their choice to wear red. Every time they decide to, and it’s very random, it’s a definite miss unless they’re at Vicarage Road or Molineux.

Wolves changing their shirts rather than just their socks is inexcusable. Again, there’s little rhyme or reason behind the decision0making.

2 comments on “Premier League kit-tracker, gameweek 25

  1. Charlie Steele

    Why did City get 1 point? If it’s for the shorts class I agree, and I think they should have a change pair of sky blue shorts to wear with that kit. In fact, I think clubs should have (and should use) change options whenever it is even just slightly necessary, if only to break up the monotony of seeing the same combinations week in, week out

  2. Chris

    So I take issue with your judgment on Wolves. Dark Red and Old Gold is a clash and is difficult to differentiate in my opinion. Too much black on both shirts too. I think it’s grossly unfair to dock points in this instance. The change shirt avoids any issues and gives better contrast for fans, players and officials.


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