Premier League Kit of The Season – quarter-finals

And then there were eight.

As expected, the meeting of both Arsenal home kit variations in the third round was a close encounter, with the red-socked alternative combination winning by just a single vote.

The Arsenal away had a 78-22 win over Leicester City’s home and the draw for the quarter-finals has pitted these two together in what will be another interesting tie. Another close clash was Liverpool’s home (red socks) beating the Wolves home by six votes and it will now meet the Aston Villa home – apart from Arsenal, Villa are the only other club to have two kits still standing.

The numbers for the draw were as follows: 1. Crystal Palace third; 2. Wolves away (black socks); 3. Aston Villa away; 4. Arsenal home (red socks); 5. Liverpool home (red socks); 6. Chelsea third; 7. Arsenal away; 8. Aston Villa home. This was how it panned out:

round 4

These are the polls – they remain open until 12 noon GMT on Wednesday, April 1.

Arsenal home (red socks) v Arsenal away

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Aston Villa away v Crystal Palace third

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Chelsea third v Wolverhampton Wanderers away (black socks)

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Aston Villa home v Liverpool home (red socks)

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2 comments on “Premier League Kit of The Season – quarter-finals

  1. Charlie Steele

    I will seriously be upset if the bruised banana kit beats out the home kit. After 5 infuriating years with Puma, we’ve finally got a proper Arsenal kit and it’s going to lose because of nostalgia… (The weirdest kind of nostalgia too, since everyone hated the original bruised banana kit at the time)


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