Premier League Kit of The Season – semi-finals

It’s the penultimate stage, with just four kits left. See here, here, here, here and here for previous rounds.

In the quarter-finals, the Arsenal home with red socks – having beaten its white-sock counterpart by a single vote – fell to the Gunners’ away kit on a 52-48 outcome, while it was even closer for the Aston Villa away against the Crystal Palace third, 51-49. The Wolves away with black socks had the biggest win of the round, 62-38, against the Chelsea third, while Villa’s home ensured double representation in the semis with a 53-47 victory against the Liverpool home (red socks).

The numbers for the semi-final draw were: 1. Arsenal away, 2. Aston Villa away, 3. Wolves away (black socks) and 4. Aston Villa home, with the random-number generator throwing up this:


Voting closes at 12 noon on Wednesday, April 8. The final, and third place play-off, will then commence on Thursday.

Wolverhampton Wanderers away (black socks) v Aston Villa home

The poll has expired!

Arsenal away v Aston Villa away

The poll has expired!

2 comments on “Premier League Kit of The Season – semi-finals

    1. Charlie Steele

      I think it has a lot to do with the draw. Arsenal’s home kit variations knocked off a lot of great kits in the early rounds, and then had to come up against each other, before the winner lost to Arsenal’s away kit. I think to truly determine the best kit of the season you’d have to run this multiple times, and then have a final vote with the 4 or 8 winning kits


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