Fantasy Kit Friday – England/Manchester United 1992-2002 swap

A decade’s worth of swaps today, requested by a user going by the name of TC (edit: it’s Tad Chapman) in the comments on a post from last September.

Here’s a FKF suggestion… how’s about a ‘what if’ Umbro gave Man United the kits worn by England (and vice versa) from 92-02. So the 1992 United ‘laces’ kit was actually for England, and the blocky France 98 design was given to United, etc. Would love the old Wembley in the detail on a 1994 England shirt!

A good idea, certainly, given that Manchester United’s decade with Umbro featured new home kit launches in the same seasons as England (though, apart from 1996-97, England’s were in the spring of non-tournament years – after 1990, the next new kit for a finals was in 2012).

There’s an elephant of sorts in the room in that some diamond-laden designs wouldn’t have been allowed to be worn at tournaments by England (see the modifications Scotland had to make for Euro 96, for example) but we’re suspending disbelief there.

Some of them work well, some not as well, but it was nevertheless something worth doing. We may look at reversing the change kits in a future post.






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