1 thought on “Templates of Worship, no. 3 – Umbro split-band

  1. I think it’s a brilliant template for away kits because it allows for two of that team’s traditional colours to feature on the band (maintaining a sense of identity for the club) while still allowing a predominantly different colour to be used as the main colour. To me, that’s the perfect result for an away kit, so maybe that’s why it was used for more away kits kits than for home? In some ways it’s similar in my mind to another template Umbro brought in five or six years later, which had thin stripes with a white pinstripe inside. Again, clubs could use their traditional colours for the thin stripe and pinstripe (though both Celtic and Sheff Wednesday seemed to use slightly different shades, and not all who used the template did use their traditional colours) but because the rest of the shirt was a different colour, it worked as an away or third kit. Again, maintaining a bit of a club’s identity in an away shirt.

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