Fantasy Kit Friday – Hibernian adidas 1993

Hibernian wore adidas for five years beginning in 1987 and each of their three home shirts was accompanied by a white away with green trim or sleeves – not ideal when Celtic were the only other team in the Scottish top flight with those colours.

The last Hibs home shirt made by adidas was only worn for one season, 1991-92, though they did mark that with league cup success. Jay Mansfield, who has assembled quite the portfolio on this site as well as on his own blog, wondered how they would have looked if they had remained in three stripes in the adidas Equipment era.

They would have been due a change in 1993, so we’ve gone with the Liverpool style for the home and the Arsenal change kit for the away, rendered in purple, which is a regular choice as an alternative for the club. One slight difference is the use of slanted adidas stripes in the fabric, as seen as USA 94, rather than the vertical ones – Jay informs us that Hibs’ crest at the time apparently reflected the sloping Easter Road pitch and so that is another nod to it.

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4 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Hibernian adidas 1993

  1. Jude

    For a future Fantasy Kit Friday: Manchester City in early 1980’s Adidas.

    Home: Same as Manchester United’s 1980-82 home, but with sky blue replacing the red, and for the socks, sky blue with maroon on the turnover with white stripes.

    Away: Inspired by the 1956 FA Cup shirt, the away kit would be maroon with white pinstripes (similar to what the Soviet Union and Ipswich wore)

    Third: Considering former City manager Malcolm Allison gave Crystal Palace the double-sash, the third kit would be the same as Palace’s 1980-83 home but with the black replacing the blue.

  2. Jordi

    What about the home in the style for arsenal home of the era? I am not to keen on the white sleves while having the 3 stripes down the shirt
    And i loved that template in Liverpool home


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