2020-21 Premier League kit-tracker – gameweek 1

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Here we go again, only a week after belatedly finishing the 2019-20 tracker.

Obviously, every kit worn in last weekend’s eight fixtures was a new one, with teams wearing ‘No room for racism’ patches underneath the Premier League one on the right sleeve.

Everton, Chelsea and Leicester City wore change socks, with the Foxes having to use the white set from their away kit at West Brom. Incidentally, given that their third shirt has maroon adidas stripes on a white panel, we feel white shorts would have worked better (though not at the Hawthorns).

Only black and lime-yellow officials’ kits were used, while green was the most popular goalkeeper colour, used by nine teams, including both netminders in that West Brom-Leicester game, albeit in different shades.

As with last season, Matt Smith will provide his views on the kit selections of away teams, which will be collated into a table. Here are his scores for the first weekend:

Arsenal 0
Southampton 3
Leeds 3
Newcastle 3
Leicester 1
Everton 3
Wolves 1
Chelsea 3

Arsenal changing in the first game was quite worrying, we can only wonder what sort of precedent it’s now set.

Congratulations to Leicester for avoiding a dark-socks clash, however imagine if they had an alternative pair trimmed in maroon… the away set were a bit glaring with the presence of blue.

Shorts clashes can be overlooked on occasion, but not when it’s someone like Wolves who have often employed alternative old gold versions down the years

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