Fantasy Kit Friday – hoopy days for Fiorentina

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If FKF was just me trying to think of something every week, it would have kit the skids long ago – instead, it is the wisdom of crowds which ensures that there is a steady flow of ideas.

For instance, today’s suggestion is one that I never would have thought of, but it was one of those that seemed obvious:

Trying to match the Fiorentina Ennerre kit of the 1980s is certainly a tall order, and perhaps we should have gone with the huge crest below the band but it’s probably not something that would have been allowed in the late 1990s. Instead, the older crest is housed in the neck panel, where Bayern had ‘FCB’.

By 1997, Fiorentina had a golden shade of yellow as their third colour, but we retained the red from the 1980s to tie in more with the original. I’m not sure what the ‘Gigi’ above the Nintendo is – perhaps someone knows? See here for the explanation on GiG.

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2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – hoopy days for Fiorentina

  1. David Breach

    Brilliant as always, and one that makes you think ‘what if?’ and reminds us that when they can be bothered, the bigger brands can create great designs. With that in mind…..

    Like many of my age, I loved the Danish side of the 80s and early 90s. Their Hummel kits were part of their attraction, and I’m still obsessed by the brand today. However, what if there was no Hummel and they went with another German company during that time. Obviously, Adidas created some fairly regulation kits, but they did also have some crackers. So is there any chance of seeing how Denmark would’ve looked at any of the three tournaments I remember them most for? One of:
    1984 Euro Champs, but in adidas’ iconic French kit, rather than their Arsenal-like attire.
    1986 World Cup, but in adidas’ French kit, rather than the brilliant halved kit
    1992 Euro Champs, but in adidas’ German kit.

    Would be interesting to see if the kits are as memorable or attractive, even when using an Adidas famed design.


    1. liamhughes1982

      GiG are a toy company based in Florence and would often get the rights to distribute Japanese manufacturers’ wares in Italy. They got the Transformers licence from Takara and as you may have guessed, were the official Italian licensee for Nintendo during the 90s.


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