Fantasy Kit Friday – changed change kits

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Another themed FKF today – each offering is a change strip in the same style as that worn by the team in question, but the colours have been changed.

The main instigator is Steve Halliwell, who made his request far too long ago, and we apologise for only getting around to it now. Steve asked for the infamous England 1996 grey away strip to be rendered in red, blue and green versions. While the first two are logical as England back-ups, you might question green, but (a) it’s Steve’s favourite colour and (b) we’ll go all marketing spiel and say it’s a reference to British Racing Green and the colour providing a speedy inspiration (BRG actually originated as a tribute to Ireland, but that’s another story).

On top of that three-for-one, we had three others: yellow and green – referencing Newton Heath – for Manchester United’s 1995-96 away, suggested by Andrew Rockall; a similar colour-scheme as Simon Treanor looked for Bayern Munich’s white 2015-16 away in the 1993-96 palette; and Jay Mansfield coming up with a 1989-90-themed makeover for last year’s Aston Villa third.

And, just to indulge myself, I added my own contribution. Watford’s 1985 design remains a classic and, while their white away was nice, the idea of red and black alternatives was worth exploring, though black wouldn’t have been allowed back then, of course. The logo on that shirt is white to match the real away shorts.

Stop press:

William’s request is the kind that I always enjoy on Fantasy Kit Friday – one I’d never thought of myself but which sounds so obvious after it’s made.

Your feedback on all of today’s kits is welcome, along with requests for future editions. Comment below or tweet @museumofjerseys.

3 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – changed change kits

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