Fantasy Kit Friday – Everton/Liverpool 1996 crossover

At the start of September, we featured an Everton/Liverpool 1990-91 swap, half of what had been requested by Leighton, and promised that the 1996-97 switch would follow.

Being honest, we were long-fingering due to the fact that the fabric pattern of the Everton 1995-97 shirt was rather tricky to replicate but the Merseyside derby tomorrow imbued us with a sense of responsibility (that said, we fell short of doing the respective change kits).

A couple of notes: while the shield for the Everton crest was an Umbro one, we have transferred it as Liverpool’s was specific to them; similarly, the socks styles have been transposed as Liverpool in hooped socks would have been too weird; Liverpool’s kit had just two colours and we have used green as it appeared a few years previously and also is the current tertiary colour.

Feedback is welcome, along with future requests – comment below or tweet @museumofjerseys.

2 comments on “Fantasy Kit Friday – Everton/Liverpool 1996 crossover

  1. Jamie LEESON

    Really like the 90/91 swap and the Everton reebok works. I’m not certain on the Liverpool one. It just feels ‘un-Liverpool’. Inalso think with any Liverpool home strip using a third colour it needs to be minimal. And even the green in the shorts feels like too much. I guess it makes you realise that Liverpool do seem to retain a real identity in their kits. It’s a great request this one and excellent work. Just seems Liverpool and Umbro doesn’t work?


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