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  1. Loved this. Fondly remember the days I spent poring over edit mode, recreating kits the best I could from FourFourTwo magazine and books! Got me wanting to do it again now…

  2. Great article, reminds me of my own lost hours recreating badges pixel-by-pixel from guide images found online. The kit component setup was a brilliant feature too, I would purposley create a Master League team with kits that could easily interchange with each other just to make the most of this feature. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  3. The existence of PES Kit Editor means that the Edit Mode feature is reduced to changing players names and creating new team strategies. That’s because there’s more freedom towards customising many kit details you want to add, whereas in the game itself you’re given many design parts to create your own kit of your liking albeit with a few spaces.

    When you compare the difference between the PS2, the PS3, and the PS4 era, you would notice that kit editor sections become less restrictive the further you go from the releases.

    PS2: Up until PES 2011, you can only choose patterns from specific parts of the jersey (i.e. small part, medium part and two large parts) as well as the option to edit two goalkeeper kits. Also, numbers with outlines are included (a small detail but it’s something I liked about Edit Mode). When PES 2011 was released, the edit kit section is revamped so the shirt part can be customised with any part. But the goalkeeper kits are reduced to only one. Bummer.

    PS3 and PS4: Starting from PES 2008, the whole jersey set can be customised, not just the jersey itself. There’s more variety of number and text fonts than the PS2 versions (and all the subsequent releases). And as you mentioned, an option to import custom logos in game. Future releases also have the option to add third and fourth kits, as well as second, third and even fourth goalkeeper kits. And custom logos can be implemented on every part of the jersey.

    The Edit Mode feature is pretty much an icon of PES. I find myself spending a few days editing all the players’ names while giving my own flair of creating kits sets for unlicensed clubs. However, with the Option File feature existing since (I think) the PS3 era, I have a feeling Edit Mode is nothing more than an afterthought because of how easy it is to install the file to the pendrive and plug in the console to transfer all the files to the game.

    I will not forget the childhood days of Edit Mode. Thank you for writing this piece of blog.

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