7 thoughts on “Great one-offs – Manchester United, 1991

  1. Hi – Nice article
    I have an one of the authentic ‘European Cup Winners Cup 1991’ replica shirts and would like to get number 10 added to the back. Can you let me know the name of the exact font that was used please?

  2. One off my favourite kits/shirts off all time…
    Looked good ✅
    Same template yet at the same time different to home shirt✅
    Rare/ one game wonder ✅
    Worn with standard home shorts ✅
    Worn with one off socks ✅
    Worn specially for a big game
    / major final ✅
    Rare sponsorship less big club shirt ✅
    What’s not to love about it! ??????

  3. I always wondered if, after all that time, the 88-90 kit just sat in a cupboard somewhere waiting for the odd game here and there, or if adidas continued to make it for the club long after it stopped being on sale.

  4. Hi Andy, I reckon the kit was there, ready to be used – when it was used in 1991-92, it had the old number style, in contrast to the modern block font in the 1990 FA Cup final

  5. Hi I have a European cup winners cup 1991. I’m wanting to sell it, does anyone know where is best to sell it, and what I could possibly ask for it?

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