1 thought on “Twice as Nice – Republic of Ireland, 1997-98

  1. My biggest 3 gripes against this strip when it came out was……
    1. It’s a bit too Much… I.m.o it maybe would have been better if they used the England or Scotland 97 templates? Or the simple English euro 96 or 2000 templates?
    2. It should have been an 3rd kit not away as traditional white away kit is simply the home kit reversed…… admittedly as no international teams play in green and white stripes (baring France 1978 World Cup kit fiasco) …… so it’s likely as 3rd colours it’s only use would be Belfast away games🤔? Not sure if that’s pc enough but then Northern Ireland have worn blue in Dublin a few times haven’t they?
    3.orange top …… fine
    Black shorts and trim …… great
    But socks should have been orange with white turnovers …… so they could have option off been used also as alternative socks along with home shirts and shorts to create an “tricolour kit “for the few occasions when Ireland playing teams with green socks (or red socks when colour blind rules apply ) and the “tricolour “ would cause less of any overall clash then the normal white/green/ white away kit?

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