While the kit was the same as in 1991-92, the Premier League patches replaced those of the Football League and the new Umbro logo also appeared.
White change socks, worn at Tottenham Hotspur.
Unusually, the sponsors' logo was updated mid-season.
While the blue change shorts were a 1990 design, they too had the new Umbro logo - though the 1991-92 set with the lowercase wordmark also appeared.
Umbro went retro for the first season of the Premier League and the salmon and navy change kit was apparently a reference to what the club wore in the 1890s. Oddly, the striping was not consistent across all shirts.
Salmon change shorts were called upon on a few occasions during the campaign.
New NEC logo.
With the away kit not suitable for all clashes, a dated-looking third shirt - almost identical to Chelsea's 1990-91 third - was called upon. Seemingly comprising only a long-sleeved set, it was used with the home shorts and change socks at Crystal Palace.
At Aston Villa, the alternative home shorts were used.
While the team picture showed the club's goalkeepers wearing the new Umbro 'Premier' chalkstripe template, Neville Southall was most often seen in a plain black version - as match officials now wore green, goalkeepers had to move away from their traditional colour but nobody other than Everton opted for black.
In the domestic cups, referees were still in black and so Everton had a green shirt available.
When the NEC logo changed, the same goalkeeper shirt was used but with the new typeface on a patch over the old one.
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