The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 3


Which country provided the opposition in 2012 when England wore this kit combination?

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While the kit's default layout was all-white, the red shorts were used in a publicity picture with Joe Hart wearing the red goalkeeper kit in the middle of four outfield players, creating a St George's Flag effect.

Each of these Roma kits has been worn in European competition, but which is the only one to also appear in a domestic game?

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A red and orange third kit probably wasn't the most optimal in terms of solving kit-clashes.

Which of these Manchester City kits was not worn in a title-winning season?

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City have won the Premier League four times - 2012, 2014, 2018 and 2019 - and in each one the first-choice colour combination was different.

Apart from Sheffield Wednesday, which other Premier League team have had IT software and services firm Sanderson as a sponsor?

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Sanderson sponsored Wednesday from 1992-2000 and Southampton from 1995-99.

Three of these adidas Crystal Palace kits are real, which one is not?

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Palace have had two stints with adidas - 1980-84 and 1996-99.

Which team had this as a change kit in the 1992-93 Premier League?

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Umbro manufactured kits for exactly half of the 22 Premier League founder members - Aston Villa, Chelsea, Everton, Ipswich Town, Manchester City, Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, Oldham Athletic, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Which of these clubs did not have Hummel's famous 'half-and-half' design in the 1980s?

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Denmark's 1986 side premiered this style, which remains popular to this day.

Before Spain in 2010, when was the last time the Fifa World Cup final was won by a team wearing change shirts?

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In 1986 (West Germany), 1990 (Argentina), 2006 (France) and 2014 (Argentina), the side wearing change shirts in the final were beaten.

James Milner wore which one of these kits?

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The only number that Milner has worn for more than one club is 7 (Manchester City and Liverpool).

Which was the last Manchester United kit to only be worn in its default format, without any alternative shorts or socks?

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In 2019-20, each of United's three kits have their own sets of black shorts and socks available.

The Great Museum of Jerseys Football Kits Quiz no. 3

There must be some positives. Unfortunately, we can't think of them right now.

Hard to put a good spin on this one, sadly.

Something to build on for next time.

Looks bad, but not horrific.

On first glance it's not great, but it's not the worst either.

Not spectacular, not horrific.

High hopes but not borne out by results.

Good going but room for improvement.

No fuss but a fine outcome.

Almost perfect.

Outstanding, well done!

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