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  1. I remember Euro 92 very well, and adopted Denmark as my team in the tournament because of their kit, seeing as Wales had narrowly missed out on qualification (to the Germans). Best memory was watching the group match between Denmark and England whilst on holiday in Greece in a communal hotel TV area (as TV’s in hotel rooms abroad were additional extras that cost a fair whack of money), and cheering on the Danish whilst sat next to a Danish couple – much to the annoyance of one half-cut English bloke who couldn’t understand why I was cheering on Denmark if I had a “British accent”. My dad put that bloke in his place (“He’s Welsh… and can cheer on who he wants!”)

    Anyway, in the semi’s the white away kit Denmark wore actually had a white collar rather than the red one illustrated…


    I do recall seeing that Yugoslavia kit that didn’t get an outing, but did wonder how come their kit was basically a two year old Arsenal kit recoloured and with the “old” (trefoil) adidas logo, rather than the new (Equipment) logo.

  2. Also here’s another interesting snippet… the Dutch kit made by Lotto worn in Euro 92, and the one worn in World Cup 1994 are almost identical.

    1992 shirt has abstract Lotto logos on the background print, and 3D style numbers
    1994 shirt has KNVB logos repeated on the background print, and solid block numbers

    I’d even guess the shorts and socks were the same for the entire 5 year period that the KNVB had with Lotto, from 1991 to 1996, when a new home kit with a different collar and a radically different away kit, were used in Euro 96.

  3. Cheers Jon, will amend the Danish away – I was duped by a fake!

    I linked to the other Dutch kits above – one other nice addition for 94 was the flag trim on the cuffs!

  4. Ahh yes, I never really noticed the Dutch tricolour on the cuffs of the 1994 shirt, thanks for pointing that one out.

    Lotto made some good kits in the 90’s, and some where the designers went a bit crazy (the Wales third kit of 1996/97 springs to mind!)… and the goalkeeper outfits were rather loud. Though come the 2000’s they seemed to be more restrained in design but did start a somewhat annoying trend that almost all of the Italian manufacturers seem to be guilty of – large brand logos on the sleeves.

  5. Does anyone know whether Sweden ever wore their blue away kit (even outside of Euro 1992)? Trying to find out if it was a shirt produced but never worn.

    1. I went on that same quest, Ross – I couldn’t find any evidence. They played Colombia in a friendly in Miami in February 94 but wore their home.

  6. Correction – the picture I posted above was actually when Sweden played Australia in the 1992 Olympic Games football event, in the quarter finals. Australia wore adidas kits as they were the supplier of their Olympic committee’s team outfits, but were still wearing the outlandish Kingroo kits at full international level until adidas actually took over some time in 1993.

    The Sweden kit in the picture actually has the Svenska Fotbollförbundet logo in the middle. Back then most teams in Olympic football competition wore the same kit as the national teams in FIFA competition, though Australia (and also gold medal winners Spain) were exceptions. These days teams tend to wear the same kit but with the country’s IOC logo or a flag replacing the national football association’s badge.

    By the way, Sweden and Australia actually met in a series of friendly matches in early 1992, but for those I would guess the Australian team wore the Kingroo kits.

    1. some times, these days, even in 1992, the teams also wore the kits made by the same countries’ IOC suppliers.

      About Sweden 1992 kit, curiously, during USA 94 qualifiers and friendlies, the kit was the same, but the numbers had the 3 diagonal stripes (similar to 1995-96 Newcastle’s font)

  7. Thanks. It also looks like they wore the away kit against Paraguay at the Olympic Games too.


  8. I just found on eBay the Yugoslavia shirt as you predicted, feel it has some rarity value so at 65 quid I thought it was rude not to!

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