While the construction of the shirt remained largely unchanged - if perhaps slightly baggier - there was a noticeable change as the fabric pattern of the previous four years was replaced by a speckled snowflake-like graphic. The shorts now had white side panels and the socks had white tops.
The change kit underwent similar modifications to the home, but the designers opted for a pattern made of repeating diamonds that had a gradient effect. Another difference was the neck style, with the two sides meeting in the middle rather than wrapping over.
For the third straight season, Liverpool wore white away to Aston Villa but there was little need in 1989-90 as Villa had replaced their half-and-half design with a more traditional look. The same shirts as had been seen in 1988-90 were used, but with the new home shorts and socks.
The pattern from the home strip was repeated on the new goalkeeper shirt.
Goalkeeper shirt with away shorts and socks.

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