A new beginning

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Apologies for the hiatus on the update front, but hopefully it will prove to be worth the wait.


Above is what we consider to be the best kit ever (though some would only have it at 45th), rendered in our new template, brought about as a result of switching from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Illustrator for the primary drawing of strips. While there was a certain satisfaction in working in Paint, it was less bringing a knife to a gunfight and more bringing one to a nuclear war.

For comparison, here is the same kit the first time we attempted it, in 2005 as part of an insert on the official Cork City site (left) and then in what has become our standard set-up across all of our sites (right):

The hope is to re-do all of our sites in the new style, which will obviously take some time, so please bear with us while that is done. In the meantime, any new inclusions here will have the new look, beginning with a Euro 2016 piece in the coming days.

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