12 thoughts on “The evolution of adidas goalkeeper shirt designs – Part 1

  1. Sepp Maier’s Goalkeeper shirt wasn’t adidas, but Erima, which was a subsidiary of Adidas at the time

  2. and also, in that Netherlands pre-world cup photo, the goalkeeper that was wearing the yoke design jersey was Piet Schrijvers, not Hans Van Breukelen

    1. i was saying that the yellow shirt with the black yoke was worn by Piet Schrijvers, not by Jan Jongbloed
      and Sepp Maier shirt was not made by Adidas, but by Erima, which was a subsidiary company of Adidas in the 70’s-80’s

  3. that model worn by Van Breukelen in 1982 i remember that it was also worn by Urruticoechea for Barcelona in 1982, which was a red version and also by Baratelli for France in the World Cup 1982 qualifiers, which was a green version

  4. Hamish McAlpine also wore the blue version for Dundee United. Searched high and low for this shirt in the early 80s. If only we had internet then!

  5. The collar could be turned inside so it looked like a round neck. The kit also had padding down into the elbows and down the side of the shorts . The shorts were slightly longer than the outfield shorts work at the time .

  6. I saw that in some Adidas catalogues present on The Glove Bag’s Facebook page, the ‘dip-dye’ shirt was actually named Adidas ‘Goalie’.
    (I posted this comment on part 2 post by mistake)

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