10 thoughts on “The evolution of adidas goalkeeper shirt designs – part 3

  1. Nope, he wore both. The one I’m thinking of was in 87. I’ve seen a pic of it also being worn by the arsenal ladies team as late as 1991.

  2. Disregard, I thought you’d posted a clip of the 89/90 game (when he wore the one with piping on the sleeve join). You’re right, it was probably the geometric one. Although arsenal did switch between that and the tonal one. Not sure when and for what games though.

  3. i also remember that between 1988 and 1990 there was a model of adidas goalkeeper jersey that had the sleeves of a different shade and with a diamond padding on the chest (i remember that was worn by Pat Bonner and Joel Bats in 1988 (Yellow with light gold sleeves) and by Higuita in the World Cup 1990 match against UAE (lavender with pale violet sleeves).

    1. actually, i saw that Bats actually used the one with the toned diagonals, while the one with tonal sleeves in france was worn by Bruno Martini in 1990, but it wasn’t yellow
      this one was the one worn by higuita against UAE in 1990 (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/12/2b/4b/122b4b101f557abd50a8735ef01d98a0.jpg), which was worn also by Marseille (http://www.om1899.com/images/equipes/1989.jpg), Bari (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/it/b/b4/Bari89.jpg), Mechelen (http://www.stamnummer25.be/wp-content/upLoads/1989-19903.jpg) and Lecce (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-h_Fz8ZDVIpg/VFjnsveh64I/AAAAAAAAYZA/hsxN5MbI_cA/s800/554638_413255492071778_1584700942_n.jpg) in 1989 and Torino in 1988 (http://www.toro.it/wp-content/uploads/Altro/20150625021837_torino-1989.jpg)

      and that the one worn by Bonner in 1988 and 1989 was the yellow one with the raglan sleeves, which was another adidas GK shirt model of the 80s, which i recall that AC Monaco wore it in 1987

  4. Also, on a tangent – anyone noticed Plymouth Argyle’s goalkeeper wearing a shirt that was predominantly black on the reverse? I’m sure this wouldn’t have been allowed in a League game given the Football League’s pedantry when it came to navy/black kits clashing with referees.

    They were already fussy with regards to regulations on goalkeeper’s jerseys up until the 85/86 season.

  5. Pffaf’s wife famously sewed the extra protection into de the inside of her husbands goalkeeping shirts!

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