Paying homage to Streatham Rovers

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If there’s one thing we enjoy as much as sports kits, it’s irreverence. That’s why the Twitter account of Streatham Rovers FC is so enjoyable – the ‘club’ should certainly have more online followers.

Just in case you’re racking your brain trying to recall if you’ve heard of them before, the bio on Twitter (or at least the sponsor of their league) should give away the fact that it’s a parody: “Non-League club in South London. Founding members of the Xtermin8 Rat Poison League Premier Division. Proud to take part in . Est. 1917.”

That said, the subtleties employed in the social media output are just this side of “Is this a piss-take or real” and have caught more than a few unawares:

We’ll leave you to enjoy the rest of the feed yourself and will focus on the tweets around the club’s famous purple and green kits, of which there are many. The announcements of the kits for 2016-17 were magnificent, set off by a wonderful sponsor.

Excellent stuff, in our view, but they didn’t stop there, delving into the club’s kit history each week for Throwback Thursday (#TBT):


They didn’t forget Non-League Day, either:

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