11 thoughts on “The evolution of adidas goalkeeper shirt designs – Part 4

  1. The model worn by France in 1986 i remember that was also worn by Lecce in Serie A 1991-92 (i think it was a silver and green version) and by Athletic Bilbao in 1989-90 (green and black version)

  2. Hey this is a great read. Would you have more infos on the shorts the goalkeeper’s wore with the shirts from the very top? These were AFAIK promo ware that one could not just buy in stores. Since back then I have been looking for these and was able to secure a matchworn pair by Dortmund’s Teddy de Beer but only in blue/white.

  3. I also recall a silver version of the one with the geometric pattern with the red trimming, which was used by Thomas N’Kono in the 1988. It also had a version with the tricolour stripes worn by Bruno Martini for France (alongside a red version with silver neck for France)



  4. Looks like the yellow shirt Grobbelaar wore in Dubai was made of a very shiny material, giving it an almost gold-like appearance under floodlights.

    The match was on 4th April 1989, then five days later Grobbelaar would wear the yellow shirt with black collar and red Candy logo as illustrated, against Sheffield Wednesday, who for some reason opted to wear their green away kit with white and blue hoops. Maybe they wanted to wind up the home side about their penalty shootout defeat to Celtic earlier in the week? Then of course Grobbelaar would wear that particular yellow shirt against Celtic again at the end of April. So actually, 3 times he deviated from the usual green, all in the same month.

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