Were they doing it for Adare?

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Recently, we brought news of how the decision on a new Limerick county GAA jersey had been put in the hands of the public:

The shirt in the bottom-right image of the three above ended up being chosen, and it saw its first game-time at the weekend – but, in what must surely be a first, it wasn’t Limerick who wore it.

It’s the time of year when the winners of the various county championships compete in the four provincial championships as they chase All-Ireland glory early in the new year, and Adare, the Limerick intermediate football winners, made it to the Munster club final against Kerry counterparts Kenmare Shamrocks.

Both Adare and Kenmare play in red and black, so both had to change. While Kenmare had a reversal of their usual jerseys to hand, Adare ended up taking to the field in the green of their native county, showcasing the new shirts (click on image for more):


Unfortunately for Adare, the green didn’t prove to be a lucky charm as Kenmare won by 12 points.

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