13 thoughts on “The evolution of adidas goalkeeper shirt designs – Part 5

  1. Ivkovic not always wore the Uhlsport shirts in Italia 90, in the quarterfinals, he wore a yellow and black kit similar to the one worn by the keepers Dasaev (USSR), Meola (United States) and Stejskal (Czechoslovakia).
    About Holland GK Shirt design i remember that he wore it when he played for PSV, and this design was also worn by the keeper Juan Carlos Ablanedo when he played for Sporting Gijon (Spain) in 1992.

    1. I was absolutely blown away by the green version of this jersey worn by Hans Van Brekline for Holland agianst Germany in the round of 16 at the 1990 world cup.

      I would pay a pretty penny for just a reproduction of this jersey.

      I have seen numerous Adidas goalkeeper jersey’s from the 1990’s for sale online, but why is this one so hard to find?

  2. Cheers Lucas, your insights always valuable. Oddly when Higuita wore the ‘Space Invaders’ jersey, the pattern was upside-down, I must add that to next instalment!

  3. the green and violet kit (similar to the one that pumpido and goycoechea wore) was also worn by Silviu Lung (Romania) in the match against USSR (in the other matches he wore a red shirt with yellow and black scribbles (like the Meola/Dasaev one, but red and black rather than yellow and grey) and in the matches against Argentina and Irleand he wore the blue Adidas Taifun)

  4. Lads!

    I’ve reached the promised land of football jersey nerdvana. Really enjoying the site. Appreciate all the hard work gone into the research. Just a point of note( not a correction mind you!) on Packie’s grey shirt worn against Romania. I could never be sure if the match worn one had the boomerang patterns. But the replica versions certainly did.

  5. Cheers Ray! It’s funny – I only heard recently that replicas of the grey even existed, apparently they had the black adidas stripes on the shoulders too, unlike Packie’s!

    1. Yeah, I reckon it was a financial decision because all the kids( myself included) were Packie crazy after Genoa! The replica had stripes all the way down and Opel was in white. Don’t think it was ever worn in a full international again though.

  6. No, and the following kit, 92-94, didn’t cause any clash either!

    Does yours have a number on the back? I recall a lot of the yellow shirts being sold with it on.

    1. Ooh there’s a question now! I haven’t had the jersey in my possession for a long time but if I was to guess I’d say there was actually a black number 1 on the back rather than the match worn white.

      We the public never really got that satisfaction of looking exactly like the players. Not only was Opel emblazoned across the shirt but the replica shorts too were nothing like Packie’s! Instead of those neat long ones he wore, the paying customer got a short similar to the outfield players, black and yellow as opposed to white and green

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