2 thoughts on “The great kit-clash poll: the results

  1. Wonderful post. I think you could just have specified one case and listed another.

    On clashes between stripes v stripes, an specific case is when all the stripes are dark, like Milan v Inter, which seems to me “clashier” than light-dark stripes. But I think the result would be the same (Avoidance of shorts/socks clash sufficient).

    The other one would be Solid v Stripe where one stripe color match the solid and the other doesn’t have contrast. The title seems too specific, but it already has happened in Champions League Final. For instance:

    – Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid has no clash (Atletico’s red stripes have contrast with Real’s solid white)
    – But Liverpool and Milan will always be a clash (Milan’s black stripes have no contrast with Liverpool’s solid red).

  2. Another good solid colors clash debate would be between yellow and orange. Fifa ruled it as a clash for all Brazil v Netherlands WC matches, except in 1998.

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