14 thoughts on “Umbro ‘Hampden’ – a goalkeeping classic

  1. Beasant at Wimbledon was him wearing Spall when he won the FA Cup. When he moved to Newcastle and Chelsea, he did wear the yellow Umbro template.

  2. I also remember that Lukic wore the green version when he played for Leeds in 1992

  3. On the 1990-91 Pro-Set collector cards, Rhys Wilmot is wearing the yellow version with mainly grey shoulders for Plymouth Argyle.

  4. Neville Southall wore what appeared to be an identical jersey to the Scotland keeper shirt (silver/yellow/navy – the “cousin of Hampden”) in an FA Cup tie at Plymouth Argyle in 1989, as his usual bespoke green jersey clashed with the home team’s green kit.


    From the video it looks like his shirt has got the “NEC” logo printed on the front and I’d guess the Everton badge is on it too. Seemed odd that he wore a shirt that appeared to be bespoke for Scotland… initially I thought it was a swap that had logos applied but we didn’t play Scotland in any internationals between 1985 and 1997 I debunked that theory, so it may have been a jersey from Umbro stock.

    For the replay Southall wore a silver version of his usual bespoke jersey (which makes the Scotland-like jersey a proper mystery!) before he started wearing a new bespoke shirt in green/silver for the rest of the season and in 89/90.

    1. Sorry Jon, only spotted this now – seems the jersey turned him into a Scottish goalkeeper too, if I can go all Jimmy Greaves!

  5. In 1988-89 Roger Freestone wore yellow, red and green Hampden jerseys, Dave Beasant wore yellow and green. In 1989-90 Beasant wore all 3 colours and donned the yellow once more v Manchester United the following season for no particular reason. Strangely it seems that Kevin Hitchcock never wore a Hampden jersey in a competitive game.

  6. I was just peering at a video still from Leeds v Plymouth from 1/11/89 and the “red” Hampden worn by Mervyn Day seems to match the Wales one in your article, but with the shoulder colours switched (i.e. the black is above (towards the shoulder) and the grey is below (towards the elbow).

    I guess this would be a logical Umbro offering as there were similarly switched versions of the yellow Hampden (Chelsea and Aberdeen). They might have also done it for the grey and green shirts too?

    Incidentally, I have the royal blue Leeds Hampden here (Yay!). It matches up with images from the preseason game against Shelbourne (Mervyn Day) on 24/7/91.

    That said, given that there were no FL arm patches in the 89/90 season, I’m wondering if it could be the exact same shirt from Newcastle (A) 19/8/89 and WBA (H) 24/2/90 (both Mervyn Day).

    One final bit of related shirt nerdery: The video is inconclusive, but I don’t see FL arm patches on the blue Hampden worn by John Lukic in Leeds v Norwich (A) 2012/1/91. Strange?

    All five games might be the same shirt?

    I obviously wouldn’t be upset with that.

    Now, I wonder who has the red one… 🙂

  7. Had Two of these plain Hampden yellow shirts yellow with grey and navy trim, sold both on EBay whilst having a clear out along with the England and Rangers same style outfield jerseys, The best style of shirt ever made easily I wish I had kept one now!

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