14 thoughts on “The evolution of adidas goalkeeper shirt designs – Part 8

  1. Astonishing attention to detail as ever.

    Intriguing to think that the only player, in a European Cup Final with AC Milan participating, wearing red & black stripes would be Barthez the opposition keeper.

  2. Absolutely brilliant attention to detail. I love that there’s someone out there documenting the minutae of football strip design. I used to obsess over stuff like this.

    Aren’t those all black kits with the stripes coming from the ribs beautiful?

  3. Thanks a lot Jonny! The Liverpool and Arsenal kits do have a certain sleekness to them, it’s surprising that more GKs didn’t have that style.

  4. Liverpool also used four different colours in the 92/93 season, with a blue jersey (similar to Arsenal’s first choice) being used against Sheffield United in August 1992, as can be seen rather briefly in this clip: _


    This appears to have been the only outing for the blue jersey. By the time Liverpool played Arsenal later that month, a grey version was used. This seemed to be the “de facto” second choice jersey after yellow, given that the green shirt wasn’t used due to the officials’ green jerseys in the Premier League.

    The same grey shirt design was also used by Rangers in the 93/94 season as a third colour choice, even though as stated above there was a purple shirt in the “new” design available

  5. i know that an orangish yellow version of that bayern 1991-92 gk kit was worn in 1993, USA 94 qualifiers by Andreas Kopke in Germany

  6. Hi love these articles. On the Liverpool 92-93 refreshed shirts, is it fair to assume that the yellow “away” GK shirt was actually worn for most PL matches (both home and away), to avoid green clashing with referees? I assume the green away kit, being a bit brighter, didn’t cause a clash? Also you mention that the away kit now had green shorts, were they the first choice? I think the replica kits still shipped as white shorts. Thanks.

    1. Hi Adam, thanks for the kind words! The yellow shirt was worn 13 times but the grey one appeared in 19 games. The green was used in seven, all in cups/Charity Shield, with the blue used once.

      When Liverpool wore the green away kit, the PL referees wore black with green pinstripes, a shirt which oddly had the PL logo in red. I presume that the white shorts were officially classed as first-choice for the away, but the green were used in practice.

  7. Thanks for the info Dennis! That explains then. What a pity that the grey one wasn’t available as a replica then. I originally asked the question as I really like the yellow GK shirt and am looking to purchase one for my collection – will sit nicely next to the Centenary home shirt. Keep up the good work, the site is a great read, especially anything related to Liverpool – I was mad into Adidas kits as a kid because of them supplying LFC. I was so disappointed as an 11 year old when they moved to Reebok…😢

      1. I agree! Thanks – I don’t recall having read that article (although maybe some time ago) – also very good! I have the 91/92 home and away, and the Centenary home, so I can see the differences that you mention. Just need the GK shirts now…

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