4 thoughts on “Ireland rugby jersey history, 1987-2017

  1. the most noticeable change with rugby shirts over the last decade has been how they’ve gone from the traditional style buttoned-up collared shirt (typically made of hard-wearing cotton) that had been almost unchanged for several decades to a style that is not a million miles away from football, but of a strong wearing and yet relatively lightweight synthetic material… I think it all started with those almost figure hugging Nike strips of the 2003 World Cup, and over time the traditional look got phased out by other manufacturers… though to be honest the Canterbury shirts of 2007 looked a tad “overdesigned” to me with all that complex trim.

    I’m still not sure what that collar is all about on the 2011 jersey, I remember watching the quarter-finals of the 2011 World Cup (sorry, bit of bragging rights there 😉 ) and honestly thought at first glance that one of the players had “customised” the collar on their jersey, only to see it on the other players as well and it was like a “WTF?” moment.

  2. Just got a jersey from st vinnies $7 …fits perfect….XL…in premo nick …i look after mine …so it came to a good home …ģooď luck ireland (even tho i was born in NZ)…..it has to be the final 🏆

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