1 thought on “Cold War Classic no. 2 – Croatia v USA, 1990

  1. Interesting post, didn’t know they played a friendly before the war.
    I have read in many places that football was an important fire before the war, between croatian teams and Red Star (top european performance team in 1990-91 and so champions of Europe).
    Didnt know they were booing the Yugo national anthem at that time.
    Add another sport who broke the best friendship at that time between Petrovic and Divac when Yugoslavia won the World Cup of basket in Argetina, as Divac removed a Croatian flag to a supporter jumping into the court to celebrate with the team.

    Regarding the shirt, even I feel much more closer to Serbia, I have always admired the croatian designs. As well when they had Nike as a technical sponsor I think it is one of the few clubs (with Celtic) that they have respected the history of the team (opposite with my beloved Barça).

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