Fantasy Kit Friday, 13-10-17 – Republic of Ireland, 1990 and 2002

Apologies for the lack of a Fantasy Kit Friday last week – there was a very good reason and, given that it was the first time there hadn’t been once since July 2016, I’m sure you’ll be forgiving.

To make up for that, and to help deal with a backlog, today is a double-shot. More than any other team, the Republic of Ireland are a regular source of requests and there are currently about five in the queue. To mark the fact that Ireland won the 2018 World Cup last Monday, today we’ll feature two of those suggestions.

The first comes from David Clarke, who asked for Ireland in the style of the shirts worn by Czechoslovakia and the USSR at the 1990 World Cup:


Meanwhile, Gavan Reilly asked for the France kits from 2002 to be Hibernified. This was when adidas and Nike were dabbling dual layers  – see here for an article on the subject.

While the France away shirt featured the same side panelling as the other countries on adidas’s roster, the home was unique in that it had the ‘eyelets’ all over the body of the shirt, making the panel colour – red for France, orange in this case – look obscured.


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