3 thoughts on “Ireland’s quick kit change before playing Italy at USA 94

  1. Though I don’t doubt this happened, I’ve heard it before from another source, why did they bring both kits? I’ve seen the prep it takes, packing the kit into the skip, laying it out in the changing room, Why oh why was everything there at the stadium?

  2. no explanation in the article why this happened, would have thought stuff like that would be set out beforehand in a very clear fashion for everyone, very strange mixup that both teams ended up in their away kit, In Rome 1990 Ireland wore white v Italy so would have expected Italy to change or maybe a toss.

  3. Hi Don, apologies, an earlier edit of the article had removed some details. I’m not sure who at the FAI got mixed up, it’s a good thing they brought both kits with them.

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