1 thought on “Great one-offs – Germany, 1991

  1. I once dreamed that I swapped this jersey with Rudi Voeller after Germany played my works team at Largs. I was thinking of how great it would look in a frame when I woke up. And immediately began crying.

    The thing is, while I had this dream long after 1991 – I also had it years before I read this article. And if Germany only played in this top once, what an effect it must have had on my subconscious.

    The only thing stranger would be if Rudi Voeller actually has a gaudy, cheap as shit, white with strawberry red sleeves, collar and cuffs, AT Mays The Travel Agents jersey, framed on the wall of his Leverkusen billiards room.

    One of the greatest kits ever (Germany away 1991 – not AT Mays home 1989). Worthy of so much higher than 48th place.

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